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Revolutionary School Management System

Zippro School Management System (ZSMS): It is a feature-rich, modular, complete School Management System (SMS) which provides state of the art online, fully interactive backend with administrative functions. It brings all Education Stakeholders (Lecturers/Teachers, Students, Parents, Administrators and Managers) together on a common interactive platform (including notifications by e-mails, sms and reports). This directly fosters camaraderie and the development of a solid School Community, ultimately delivering a high level of bonding, productivity, efficiency and reliability. It also assures total management effectiveness, particularly as the school continues to expand.

Another beauty of this solution is that it is modular, meaning that while the ZSMS (Zippro School Management System) is feature rich, it is very scalable. Therefore, we would not have to overload the system at the point of implementation. We would start at a scale that is easy to digest by the users and then switch on the other elements as the users mature, at no extra cost to you.

Medical Electronic Record and Hospital Management System

The Hospital Server effectively brings all Medical stakeholders (Doctors, Consultant, Patients, Nurses, HMO’s, NHIS, Business Managers/Chief Medical Director and Pharmacist) together on a common interactive platform thereby fostering camaraderie and the development of a solid Medical Community

Security and Office Attendance

Zippro System BioSecurID™ is a biometric security system providing a pioneering solution in electronic Security, Safety and identification. It brings together all facets of design, manufacturing, sales & system Integration providing a world-class biometric and smart card technology and biometric time and attendance solution.

Zippro System BioSecurID™ offers state-of-the-art biometric systems to provide fool proof security to facilities as well as the computer networks.

Web Hosting, Development, Domain Names and Mobile App

ZWeb Hosting platform powers unbeatable professionals Website across the world with a set of products that fit right into their business. From domains names, shared hosting, servers to security products, Zwe Hosting we got it all.

  • ZWeb Hosting provides high quality Shared Hosting
  • ZWeb Hosting offers affordable website solution.
  • ZWeb Hosting provides affordable plugins.
  • ZWeb Hosting provides most up to date software programs powered by Softaculous.
  • ZWeb Hosting provides free Web builder powered by Weebly

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