Tools Management


We offer an extreme electronic safety, identification and security solution via our biometric system to our clients and their businesses. Keeping at par with the international standards we have developed our system skills to a level that enables us to provide you with the required biometric security for your system. We also deal with essential…



Rated Artisan was inspired while preparing for a very important family ceremony and the contracted builder walked out half way through the renovation project leaving a massive mess, and more painfully did not return the funds already advanced for this emergency renovation. We decided that no one else deserves this treatment and determined to provide…


Zippro Academy

Zippro Academy is a division of Zippro System Limited, An International Web and Software Development Company. We are a professional IT Training Institute located in Rajkot, India. Zippro Academy provides world class Boot Camp training facility with working placement, full access to the Internet for all students, fully loaded computers with high speed Intel powered…



Qwest HR is defined as a recruitment firm which aims on the one hand, and to identify potential local and emerge on the other hand attract the skills of the diaspora to Africa to bring the available to companies on the continent , professionals who master the local African context, but also because of their…



A vital aspect of the NDES Phase II is the digital database and mapping project. Based on the modern technology of geographical information systems (GIS), this project has established the framework for a spatial decision support system for development planning and for the monitoring and management of the environment and natural resources of the Niger…