Online Project Management System

Online Project Management System

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Online Project Management SystemWhether co-located or widespread, project and task-based teams need online communication systems to support their collaboration, and help them manage their shared information.

To avoid costly delays, project managers and team members need to be able to:

  • Set up and modify collaboration workspaces quickly and easily
  • Communicate updates and issues as they occur
  • Minimise the time and resources required to share, manage and find relevant and definitive information

Teams are frequently geographically dispersed and often involve a mixture of internal and external co-workers, consultants, lawyers, Web Developer team, partners and clients – each of whom is likely to be using a different internal IT platform.

Although often the default, email is not ideally suited for group collaboration as it lacks structure and control which often leads to data duplication, confusion and overloaded in boxes which are not accessible by team members.

Access is a key issue. Internal corporate systems are often too tied down to enable sharing of information externally, while email distribution lists are not secure enough.

Where it is available, enterprise-level collaboration software often requires specialist skills, infrastructure and significant costs to configure, manage and run and even then may not be suitable for use by external team members.
With the Zippro Collaboration Software you can:

  • Provide a secure, easily maintained site where up-to-date information can be quickly accessed and knowledge shared
  • Save time and reduce errors, allowing team members to keep in touch on fast moving and dynamic projects, through instant notifications
  • Ensure project status, milestones and information are communicated to the project team and other stakeholders efficiently and consistently
  • Maintain an audit trail of versions, histories, updates and comments on documents and other project information
  • Log, share and resolve risks and issues
  • Capture everyone's input, allowing them to contribute when they can, encouraging team working and individual contribution
  • Reduce time and effort spent searching for data by existing or new team members, providing a single authoritative record
  • Lessen the burden on central IT resources, through delegated authority
  • Rapidly identify team members based on their expertise and past projects
  • Provide a consistent framework for engagement, internally and externally
  • Minimise environmental impact by reducing travel and document printing
  • Team Evaluation
  • Client real time feedback
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