Online Content Management System

Online Content Management System

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Online Content Management SystemZippro CMS is a powerful and proven Web Content Management System that has enabled companies to effectively and easily manage the content and documents on their websites, intranets and extranets.

Zippro makes managing website content both quick and easy by allowing non-technical authors and editors easily and quickly to publish their content - work which would otherwise be done by technical programmers.

Zippro CMS comprises numerous benefits including high levels of user security, website accessibility standards and optimized search engine publishing.

Zippro CMS is seamlessly adapted to your website design and layout for maximum flexibility and design integrity.

Zippro CMS is powered by the latest Microsoft .NET, PHP Symphony technologies and is easy to use as it utilizes a web browser and provides a reassuring, intuitive user interface similar to those used in Microsoft applications such as Word.
Zippro CMS is under constant development to offer an increasing breadth of functionality for the benefit of both our clients and their online customers. In addition we regularly provide bespoke content managed modules when required by our clients for a diverse range of online tasks.
Data managed by Zippro can also be integrated with a client's third party application, for example CRM and accounts systems. This can provide a host of benefits such as streamlined administration, data gathering and enhanced customer management.
Listed below are a number of the most often purchased modules supplied by Zippro CMS. A full list can be supplied on request as well as discussion about any bespoke requirements:

  • Content
  • User
  • Banner
  • Search
  • News
  • FAQ
  • Testimonial
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Mr Mathew
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